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Can you get revenge for a fraudulent ADA lawsuit?

I often get the question: “Can I sue them back”?  People who are sued by ADA plaintiffs know  in their hearts that many, if not most, of the ADA lawsuits are essentially extortive, and did not involve a real disabled … Continue reading

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Surge in website accessibility lawsuits continues

A recent article noted that 75 New York City art galleries got sued for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Additionally, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held, despite the  absence of government regulations or standards for private websites,  … Continue reading

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Is Your Website Vulnerable to an ADA Lawsuit?

Published originally at as: Are Your Websites at Risk for an ADA Lawsuit? Enacted in 1990, and amended multiple times since, the The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to ensure equal access for people with a wide range … Continue reading

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California AB 1521 now law: Strongest measure yet to curb ADA abuse

Assembly Bill 1521 was signed into law on Oct. 10, 2015.  It attempts to curb disabled access lawsuit abuse, in particular by “frequent filers.”    Like its predecessors, Senate Bill 1608 in 2008 and Senate Bill 1186 in 2012, AB … Continue reading

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How to minimize your liability right after a disabled person sues you

As is oft repeated in this blog and elsewhere, the ADA in combination with California discrimination statutes creates a perfect storm for those wanting to use legal process more than merit to force businesses into disproportionate monetary settlements.  Relief has … Continue reading

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To CASp or not to CASp?

“CASp” refers to Certified Access Specialist.  The designation was created by California Senate Bill 1608 which became law 2008, and can be found in Civil Code sections 55.3 et seq. When the bill was working its way through the legislature, … Continue reading

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The Six Best Things to “Fix” to Prevent a Lawsuit by an Access Lawsuit Troll

While disabled access laws prescribe literally hundreds of specifications, there is a shortlist of items that trigger the majority of lawsuits.  A property owner or business can substantially reduce the chance of being sued by upgrading these items, often at … Continue reading

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