About ADA Defense Net

This is a “blog” site of William A. Adams of Norton, Moore, & Adams, LLP. If you’ve been sued, or threatened with suit, regarding disabled access to your business, you need an attorney with experience in access litigation. William A. Adams has represented defendants in nearly 100 Americans wth Disabilities Act, Unruh Act, and Disabled Persons Act lawsuits (“ADA” lawsuits aka access lawsuits). He has lectured at seminars regarding ADA lawsuits. He has filed ADA litigation briefs with the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. He has litigation victories that resulted in published court opinions. He has advised legislators and trade groups regarding access law reform.

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disabled access barriers in public accommodations

Defending ADA lawsuits requires an approach that is different from the approaches used in other types of litigation. Mr. Adams is an aggressive litigator who has mastered several customized and economical strategies for aggressively defending ADA cases. At the same time, he has maintained cordial and respectful relationships with attorneys representing the plaintiffs in ADA lawsuits. This fact creates and preserves settlement opportunities, which is important because many defendants are unable or unwilling to fully litigate ADA lawsuits. Most ADA lawsuits are calculated to settle for substantially less than it would cost to defend. Nevertheless, because Mr. Adams has fully litigated several of these cases, plaintiffs recognize this risk in settlement negotiations. Mr. Adams is familiar with the “true bottom settlement range” of all the plaintiffs and their attorneys who regularly file ADA lawsuits in San Diego County. He is also familiar with their individual tendencies. He maintains contact with other ADA defense attorneys statewide to keep abreast of the latest information regarding ADA plaintiffs.